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L6-29E9ZD Rotek Slewing Ring Bearings

Brand Name Rotek
Model Number L6-29E9ZD
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

A14-33N1Rotek - 4.49 Inch | 114.046 Millimeter3.438 Inch | 87.325 Millimeter - - BearingTeflon Labyrinth -
RKS.061.25.1314SKF25 mm310 mm250 mm289 mm267 mm - - 2 mm
VSU200644INA8 mm41 mm25 mm35.8 mm27.9 mm - - 0.6 mm
A10-32N1ARotek7.063 Inch | 179.4 Millimeter7.56 Inch | 192.024 Millimeter5.938 Inch | 150.825 Millimeter - - BearingTeflon Labyrinth -
RKS.220741SKF28 mm240 mm115 mm188 mm168 mm - - -
RKS. 512080101001SKF40 mm405 mm300 mm361 mm339 mm - - 2.5 mm
M5-16P1ZRotek25 mm240 mm190 mm223 mm203 mm - - 1 mm
A14-25P1Rotek10 mm55 mm30 mm46.8 mm35 mm - - 0.6 mm
RKS.23 0541SKF10 mm70 mm45 mm61.8 mm50 mm - - 0.6 mm
A8-25N2Rotek20 mm220 mm170 mm203 mm183 mm - - 1.5 mm
RKS.222605101001SKF35 mm295 mm160 mm238 mm218 mm - - -
XSA140844-NINA13 mm100 mm70 mm92 mm77 mm - - 0.6 mm
A12-18E5Rotek35 mm295 mm160 mm238 mm218 mm - - -
RKS.121395101002SKF25 mm260 mm200 mm238 mm218 mm - - 2 mm
RKS.23 0641SKF35 mm295 mm160 mm238 mm218 mm - - -
RKS.900155101001SKF12 mm70 mm20 mm47 mm35 mm - - -
L4-13P9ZRotek25 mm210 mm90 mm157 mm139 mm - - -
A6-9P4Rotek28 mm240 mm115 mm188 mm168 mm - - -
XSU140844INA10 mm60 mm35 mm51.8 mm40 mm - - 0.6 mm
RKS.161.16.1314SKF16 mm140 mm100 mm129 mm112 mm - - 1 mm
A10-22E5ARotek25 mm240 mm180 mm218 mm198 mm - - 1.5 mm
A14-18E1LRotek25 mm210 mm90 mm157 mm139 mm - - -
VSI200944-NINA13 mm110 mm80 mm102 mm87 mm - - 0.6 mm
VSU250755INA16 mm130 mm90 mm120 mm104 mm - - 1 mm
L6-29E9ZDRotek - 4.59 Inch | 116.586 Millimeter3.938 Inch | 100.025 Millimeter - - BearingTriple Lip Nitrile Rubber -


RKS.060.20.0844 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsDa:51.8 mm; da:40 mm; d:35 mm; B:10 mm; Radius:0.6 mm; D:60 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:8.5 kN; Static Load Rating:10 kN;
RKS.951145101001 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsDa:238 mm; Chamfer:2 mm; d:160 mm; Static Load Rating:192.3 kN; Inner rings PCD:184 mm; Outer rings PCD:270 mm; da:218 mm; Oil Holes:6 mm; Mounting Hole Size:11 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:102 kN; Mounting Hole Depth:10.8 mm; B:35 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:12; Thread Size:M10; D:295 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:17.5 mm;
L6-16P9Z Rotek Slewing Ring BearingsB:16 mm; Static Load Rating:52.3 kN; Da:129 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:32.5 kN; da:112 mm; Radius:1 mm; d:100 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; D:140 mm;
VLI200944-N INA Slewing Ring BearingsDa:56.8 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:9.3 kN; Radius:0.6 mm; D:65 mm; da:45 mm; d:40 mm; Static Load Rating:11.6 kN; B:10 mm;
XSA141094-N INA Slewing Ring BearingsD:190 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; B:25 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Da:168 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:67.8 kN; da:148 mm; d:130 mm; Static Load Rating:114.8 kN;
VSA250855-N INA Slewing Ring Bearingsda:168 mm; B:25 mm; Static Load Rating:131.9 kN; Da:188 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; d:150 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; D:210 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:73.1 kN;
RKS.062.30.1904 SKF Slewing Ring BearingsChamfer:1 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; Da:132 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:9.5 mm; B:22 mm; Static Load Rating:63.6 kN; d:80 mm; D:165 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:10; Mounting Hole Size:5.5 mm; Inner rings PCD:97 mm; Thread Size:M3; Outer rings PCD:148 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Depth:5.4 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:40.4 kN; da:117 mm;
L6-22E9Z Rotek Slewing Ring BearingsB:25 mm; da:203 mm; d:190 mm; Static Load Rating:113.6 kN; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Da:223 mm; D:240 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:54.5 kN; Radius:1 mm;



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